3G Digital Signage Queuing System

3G Digital Signage is used in department stores, schools, libraries, Casinos, office buildings, medical facilities, airports, train and bus stations, banks, auto dealerships and other public venues. The data on the screen can be updated in real time by means of an Internet connection. Data transmission and storage are streamlined by compression to minimize file size. The system can employ multiple screens if an extra-large display is desired.

  • 支援多點排隊功能為客戶優化人力資源及提高使用者滿意度軟件
  • 可支援PC, IOS及ANDRIOD的排隊管理軟件
  • 軟件包括取籌, 候籌, 叫籌, 重叫, 處理 完成, 每日報表, 服務時間, 等候時間, 完成率, 資料備份等….
  • 系統可單獨使用, 亦可以多隊多籌或區域使用.
  • 與此同時系統可與多媒體多點式播放系統一起使用.

Product Screen