3G Digital Signage

3G Digital Signage is used in department stores, schools, libraries, Casinos, office buildings, medical facilities, airports, train and bus stations, banks, auto dealerships and other public venues. The data on the screen can be updated in real time by means of an Internet connection. Data transmission and storage are streamlined by compression to minimize file size. The system can employ multiple screens if an extra-large display is desired.
Companies use 3G Digital Signage to welcome visitors, show meeting schedules, interactive wayfinding, local weather, RSS, Ads

The advantages of 3G Digital Signage

  • Update remotely, no papers, no travelling.
  • Multi screens, multi-channel.
  • Target multi-segment audience.
  • Real time playing .

Q & A of 3G Digital Signage

What are the pros of 3G Digital Signage

  • real time news.
  • multimedia and multi-channel on screens.
  • No printings, environmental friendly.
  • Communication advantage – save time and easy to get alert, informative.

Why do corporate need 3G Digital Signage?

  • Draw the viewers in bright and interative way.
  • Flexible.

Why choose 3G Digital Signage over other signage software provider?

3G Digital Signage software allows you to create, import and manage your messages, alerts and media; schedule those messages to appear on the displays or portable devices that you select; and deliver them to your audience within minutes.

We focus on business communications. We don’t dumb down retail or advertising software – we build our products with campuses and businesses in mind – whether you’re driving a single screen or need enterprise-level communications across your organization. We also believe in making digital signage as easy as possible for our clients. Our software offers the industry’s friendliest user interface with straight-forward and intuitive navigation, and all of our products and services are built to help make your communications more efficient and effective:

  • Feature-rich software applications.
  • Animated templates and coordinated themes.
  • Preset Dummy make the setting in 5 minutes.
  • Dedicated consulting and creative services.
  • Easy implementation and training.
  • Superior support agreements.
  • RSS and desktop delivery.
  • Enterprise scalability.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Over 15 years of experience .

What kind of content can I show on my digital signage?

  • Text and graphics.
  • Video and Flash with audio.
  • Event schedules.
  • Interactive directories.
  • Weather, news and stock updates.
  • Alert notifications.
  • Web pages.
  • Polls, surveys and contests.
  • Cable feeds and streaming.
  • Social media and other RSS feeds.
  • …and more.

Can I use 3G Digital Signage as Alert notification?

Yes, of course, we supports RS-485 alert trigger, PAS, Email alert.

How many displays you support?

One of our Casino clients is playing 230 players concurrently and now, there are more that 1000s players in Asia pacific.

How long will it take me to learn to using the system?

1 Hour is quite enough. We provide first time deploying user training services for all our clients.

Do I need to buy special hardware?

No, just common PC or 3G Digital Signage provides you dedicated players.

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